Work In Progress: Bled From Epona’s Wounds

Right, so I’ve figured that I should post works in progress here. Mainly for two reasons really, as follows:

  1. Many of my works don’t get finished. I suffer from intense writer’s block, and often I’ll have an idea, write a few lines, and have any source of inspiration completely vanish from me, perhaps it’ll help me to actually write about the conception of topics and posting the few lines that I have. So, perhaps I can keep up a ‘work in progress’ section of this blog.
  2. It means I can keep my blog active in between actually finishing poems.

So, as it says above, my working title for this work is ‘Bled From Epona’s Wounds’ and generally it is about bad harvest, drought, and the starvation, misery and general terror that comes with that kind of occurrence.

Who is Epona? She is a Celtic goddess, one who was actually appropriated by the Romans also to an extent. The main attribute of hers that I focus on is fertility (though, that is not the only attribute of hers), and especially the fertility of the Earth, as opposed to futility of the human. Why do I use a deity? I think it works well when used in a historical backdrop, as I intend to do, and worship and veneration really do fascinate me.

My thoughts behind the working title based around Epona’s position of a Goddess of fertility. I wanted to have her name in the title to cement her centralisation to my concept. I was going along the lines of ‘Epona’s tears’ at first, but I thought that the blood of Epona is a much stronger metaphor. Imagine the blood of Epona imbibing the Earth and rendering it barren. The blood represents some kind of curse or offense to the goddess, and therefore tainting the land with her displeasure. That’s how I came up with Epona bleeding into the Earth and rendering it barren; I am trying to work with this concept.

This is what I have so far;

The sky burns amber but the Earth is red.
peppered with veils of dust in galliard.
No life can grow in fields of bone;
no life can thrive when rain does hide
behind a cloudless blanket of sky.

After this, I’m kind of stuck. I’m not sure of what direction to take it in. Obviously I’ve outlined the drought and the famine of the situation, but what now to expand upon and how to do so is yet to be revealed to me.

Any comments will be received with intense gratitude and virtual hugs.