I need something to get me back to you
when it seems that every call drifts within an echo;
when language finds the limit
and my heartbeats will pulse a chill.
I don’t want to lose you to the darkness of distance
but lessons I’ve leaned tell me silence is wisdom
so voiceless I must project my signal.

Lanterns in the sky
or a phoenix in flight.
I beg you to look up,
please just see the light.

The ocean is the world’s greatest thief
and you were no exception as you rode upon its wings.
I guess I was just borrowing you from the sea.
What’s taken’s now returned but don’t think I don’t believe
that you could see about the mountains and trees.

A single fleeting flare,
the moon’s dappled glare
flickering bright in the sky,
is seen from everywhere/
They’re asking you that question;
whether you could still care.

I’ve been burned by my beacons before.
I left them by the line of my shore.
I waited for the crest of each wave.
hoping it would return you again.


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